Peace & Quiet

Soothe your soul. Relax to the sounds of nature. Draw inspiration from the surroundings. Chestnut Mountain cabin is set back from the road and nestled in a cove at the foot of a mountain. A creek runs alongside, a pasture stretches out front, and a mountain rises behind. Sit on the front deck or the deck overlooking the pond and enjoy the pastoral setting. Take a chair and park yourself next to the creek and enjoy the sound of the water. Tuck a sketchpad, an I-pad or a book under your arm and find a quiet spot.

Creek alongside Chestnut Mountain Cabin

Bridge over creek in spring

Moss covered logs

Or take your camera and capture the beautiful scenes all around. Embark on a hike up the mountain to a private waterfall and draw inspiration from the signs with literary quotations that lead you along the path.

path sign at cabin

path sign at cabin